BTCPay Server Payment Method Updates & New Podcast Episode

BTCPay Plugins Oh My!

I’ve been playing around a bit with my BTCPay Server, and have installed a few plugins to add AOPP support which lets anyone who wants to donate from an exchange that requires you to dox yourself with aml/kyc in order to withdraw funds, can now avoid it by providing decoy info which poisons the surveillance analytics.

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My podcast Narrativerry Radio has launched

Podcasting 2.0 is Pretty Cool

I have wanted to start a podcasting 2.0 show ever since learning of the concept from Adam Curry, Dave Jones, and the ability to stream Satoshis over Bitcoin’s Lightning Network using the Value 4 Value model.

Value for Value is currently being utilized by Sphinx, Fountain, Satoshi Stream, and others, as a way to have listener supported monetization of the show and avoid censorship and being deplatformed for wrongthink. Podcasting 2.0’s Podcast Index is meant to keep podcasting free, open source, and decentralized, despite attempts by Apple and Spotify to monopolize the medium.

The good news is, I finally did it, and have published two episodes already! My podcast is self-hosted on Castopod, a free open source podcasting project. Castopod allows podcasters to self-host their audio, rss feed, and webpage. It’s user friendly and intuitive and reminds me of wordpress or similar, but preconfigured for podcasters.

Even though I think Lightning is flawed on a design level from the alignment of incentives which will lead to centralization, aml/kyc, censorship, and surveillance, I still think streaming money via crypto for content in real time is very cool. For what it’s worth, you can also donate Monero to my podcast, and I prefer Monero.

What you can expect from Narrativerry Radio

I have been blessed by our heavenly father to have been able to get some great guests so far for my first two episodes. I have been reaching out to people who’s work I respect, or find interesting, so I can interview them for my new show. I’ll be focusing on the Bible, and prophecy, conspiracy, the supernatural and paranormal, strange ideas, weird topics.

I’ll also be interviewing controversial people who have been banned from other platforms. I believe everyone should have a right to discuss any ideas they wish, no matter how taboo, controversial, or offensive they might be. My platform is a free speech platform.

The First 2 Episodes

Mr. E – Transpocalypse

My first guest was a researcher named Mr. E, whose work I have admired for a long time. He researches the Satanism and demon worship of the ancient world which has trickled down in modern times, and he also researchers the Transpocalypse.

The Transpocalypse is the goddess worshipping transvestite priest class of the pagan mystery religions. In modern times, most actresses and female performers in show business are actually transvestites, just as in the ancient world, as Mr. E’s research documents and proves. We had an interesting conversation discussing the Transpocalypse and also many other topics regarding the fake Satanic reality we find ourselves in.

You can catch my episode with Mr. E, here:

You can sub Mr. E’s Bitchute channel here:

Josh Keefe – Founded Earth Brothers – Biblical Cosmology

For my second podcast, I was able to interview Josh Keefe from the Founded Earth Brothers Youtube channel. Josh is a researcher who focuses on Biblical cosmology, the scientific cover up of biblical truth and the nature and shape of our realm. His research on the firmament is some of the best available on the internet.

Josh and I discussed the evolution hoax, whether dinosaurs ever existed, the firmament, flat earth, demonic possession and a bunch of other topics related to the Bible, prophecy, the supernatural.

Catch my episode with Josh, here:

You can sub Josh’s channel, here:

You can also catch my podcast on Peertube:



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The Flippening Nobody Wants to Talk About

The most fundamental shift in the crypto market just took place to crickets and hushed whispers. Why are people so scared to say what anybody who has been paying attention can plainly see for themselves?

The Cypherpunks Have Left the Building – BTC Abandoned by the Dark Web

Anybody who has been in crypto long enough has heard the term flippening tossed around to describe how bitcoin will displace the dollar or gold by hyperbitcoinization, or how ethereum will displace bitcoin with smart contracts, how solana or tron might displace ethereum with transaction speed or scalability, or maybe even how stablecoins might someday flippen fiat, and how cbdcs will flippen cash into a fully digital economy.

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Bitcoin privacy is broken

This article is about bitcoin’s failure as a truly disruptive financial technology. Bitcoin’s proponents like to make false claims about its censorship resistance, how it will get rid of banks, how it cannot be seized, how its private, and its role as free speech money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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