I am going to learn about cyber security

All these shitcoin hacks are motivating me to learn cyber security! Just kidding.

Black hat shitcoin hacker? Or White hat shitcoin savior?

All jokes aside, I have always been interested in cyber security and privacy, so I have decided I am going to start learning about it. So far, I have been researching free or cheap resources to begin learning about ethical hacking and penetration testing.

I would like to learn enough about the subject to secure my own network and devices from attackers, and if I decide I like learning about this stuff, maybe pursue it enough to get certified.

I have always been sort of an autodidactic person, and have taught myself about a bunch of different interests and topics, so this will just be another journey on my lifelong mission to learn about stuff I’m curious about.

Steps I have taken so far

First, I have been watching The Cyber Mentor on youtube. His channel is pretty cool, he has a bunch of useful tutorials and videos about becoming a cyber security professional.

I already have a job I like in a field I enjoy, so I am unsure if I’ll try to become an ethical hacker for a living or not, but for anyone who is, his channel is a great resource.

Second, I have been watching Professer Messer videos for basic IT knowledge like A+ and networking. Professer Messer has free online courses to help prepare for a bunch of different IT certifications. He also has a youtube channel with all his videos, as well.

Again, I am not sure how far I’ll be going with this endeavor, but if I decide to try and get some certs, his page is a great resource. Check it out if you’re interested.

Third, I am also taking some coding courses on freecodecamp, which has a whole bunch of programming tutorials and online courses which are free, and for almost any topic that has to do with web development or software development. I have already done the basic courses for html and css and currently I am working my way through javascript.

Fourth, I am starting with hackthebox, a penetration testing training resource which has free and paid plans. I am doing the free courses so far and also doing additional courses on hackthebox academy, which has more training resources. I literally just started with these last night, so I am really not to knowledgeable about the platform, yet.

For what it’s worth, a bunch of reddit fags always recommend this hackthebox platform and another called tryhackme in the cyber security subreddits. I haven’t started messing around with tryhackme, yet.

Fifth, I am also going to start posting about my progress on this blog. Heath, the cyber mentor guy, recommends it as a way to help yourself learn, share with the community, and demonstrate what you know. So, sorry in advance if you are bored by this kind of stuff, but it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want.

That being said, I will probably be posting a lot more on here, since I will be trying to write about what I’m learning as a way to help myself and possibly to help others trying to learn about this skill set, as well.

Lastly, I will probably be making videos which I’ll add to my peertube (along with my podcast and videos about the Bible, Jesus, and the Satanic NWO conspiracy), as well as shitposting about what I am learning on my pleroma account.

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